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Day 10 – 23/3/13 – Erfoud to Zagora

Posted by on March 23, 2013

They are badly bitten by Mosquitoes and sun burned so decided to adopt the local head wear for protection…. more pictures to follow when they find WiFi – thought you might like to see this one though, Jane x

local headwear
Well today started off very well. We left the others as we wanted to do more offroading. We headed to Zagora. On route we found a nice village called Nekob where we had lunch. I found a local guy and he kitted me up the Moroccan way.

Then as we were eating the six guys in two red Peugeot Estates Drove past and saw us. We had not seen them since spain! They had an interesting story to tell……
They got lost and a friendly local told them to follow him and they Ended up in a locked warehouse! they then had to give them money and food to be let out. They said It was very intimidating but they left with high spirits.

We then left them at the cafe and drive to Zagora. We were followed by 2 guys in a Landrover. Then then pulled along side us and spoke to as and said we can use there garage to check our cars. We said thanks but no thanks. They then followed as from a distance for a good hour. We went left and right a few times and they were still there!

We then decided to pull up and park at a 5 star hotel to show them that we were staying there. We stopped for about 30 mins and used there loo and wifi. We came out and could not see them anymore. a close shave I think
We then left and stopped at Oufad Driss and camped as it was getting dark.

We had trouble finding somewhere to sleep so we drove off the beaten track and camped in a valley but we then relized that we were pretty near the Algeria boarder! We slept ok the views were amazing and the stars was nice to watch.

As you can see we cleared a spot as it was very rocky to pitch on! We then Watch the sun rise and moved on.




2 Responses to Day 10 – 23/3/13 – Erfoud to Zagora

  1. Neil Valentine

    Chas. if you wear that coming home make sure you’re not carrying a rucksack.
    Best of luck to you all .

  2. Margaret Pattman

    Not sure I’d want to meet Chaz on a dark night!

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