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Day 11 – 24/3/13 heading to Tata through the desert

Posted by on March 24, 2013

We got up and watched the sunrise over the mountains. Where we camped we were on a slight slope so through the night we all kept sliding down to the bottom of the tent.

The views were lovely, and we headed off to Mhamid.




We arrived at Mhamid and was advised not to go in to the Sahara Desert with out a guide. And they said there was a sand storm coming too.
But we had a deadline to meet so we went in.









On route this rock jumped out and smashed dads subaru all under the car.


We crossed part of the sahara desert and it was wicked! Very challenging though, then we had some small sand storms and our car broke down ! The engine was rattling very loudly. We started to find out what was wrong and we thought it was the power steering pump but it wasn’t ! It was the crank! We had run out of oil and it’s not looking good at all! We are lost and the sand is blowing every where and the sun is going down not good! We filled it up with all the oil we brought put the engine back together and limped out of the desert!


We were still lost till we found a 4×4 and he gave us Coordinates to a village we were so happy it was 36 km away but we were traveling at 5 mph sometimes less so it took us ages
At last we saw lights in the distance and we found a cheap hotel we were so happy. The car made it out! But we are not sure how much damage is done! We were all so tired again we had some food and crashed!

We got lost maybe crossed the Algeria boarder and then our engine went really loud and didn’t sound good at all!

Arrived in Tata at about 22:00 found a B and B 1 star and they gave us veg stew and a bed. once again only cold water to shower in…

The car sounded really bad but we will look in the morning.

This was 1 of the longest days of our life’s! At a few points we all thought if we get stuck or lost in the desert the chances of a rescue is very slim but we had enough food and water for we think 5 days.

2 Responses to Day 11 – 24/3/13 heading to Tata through the desert

  1. Mum & Dad

    Hear your still going despite engine trouble.

  2. Mum & Dad

    Mission accomplished, well done, made it to Dakhla.

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