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Day 12 – 25/3/13 Tata to Tarfaya

Posted by on March 26, 2013

Our Subaru was still running just sounded like a diesel with a bag of nails in the engine.

We went to a local garage to try and fix the car and check them all over. As we were driving we bumped into some of the others. So more chatting and story telling went on. Well Tom and I left them chatting as we really needed to fix out car






Now that rock we showed earlier did most of this damage and on this pic you can see dads fuel tank took a beating!

And some how does not leak!
When we took the shield off our Subaru we changed the oil filter and put thicker oil in to try and make the engine last longer! Well that was the theory.

After this we decided not to do anymore offroading. So we did some miles and headed straight to Tarfaya

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