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Day 13 – 26/3/13 Tarfaya to Dakhla

Posted by on March 26, 2013

We arrived in Tarfaya about 10 pm found yet another cheep room for the night. We were all starving but they only had fish or fish! So we order a fish surprise. We were up and out by 6:30am and hit the road to Dakhla. Our car sounded even worse than before but out fingers were crossed. It had to get us there by hook or by crook !




After a 3 hour drive we decided to stop for a cupa and breakfast on the beach. A Tesco all day breakfast in a tin!

We then set off down the coastal road and covered more kms. Then about 3 pm we decided to stop for lunch. We found a lovely place to stop right by the beach but there was about a 20m drop to the sea. Lovely scenery




We brought a portable toilet with us called a s**t box, we all needed to go and there was no wc anywhere! so it came in use…




We then carried on south and went through more police checks! And then over a hill and saw an amazing view


I decided to pull off the road and take a pic for you guys to see….and then I got stuck in the sand!


After we got stuck we then only found a big area to drive across and have some fun, but then we got stuck again !




But with our home made sand mats we managed to get out  – Eventually!  And then stayed on the road after that!

We arrived at Dakhla about 6 pm and met up with Colin to chat about selling the cars and donating all our gear to his charity (he helps all the local families and children) so he was really pleased with all our supplies/tools/medical stuff/water containers/fuel containers/clothes etc….

Unfortunately we found out that its not that easy to sell the cars in Dakhla. The cars were put on our passports when we entered Morocco  and they won’t let you out of the country till the car is out of the country and off your passport! So Colin came up with a plan, we drive the cars to ‘ No Mans Land’  which is an area of land between The Western Sahara and Mauritania, here you can sell the cars legally,

Colin had booked us all into a guest house for the night, this was very interesting but it did have hot water from a natural source and smelt like rotten eggs, we had to pay to use this – so we did !

2 Responses to Day 13 – 26/3/13 Tarfaya to Dakhla

  1. Margaret Pattman

    Well done for getting there.


    Congratulations for making it to Dakhla guys. After all the tribulations you finally made it, I never doubted you. As soon as you can keep on updating us please.

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