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Day 14 27/3/13 Dakhla to No Mans Land

Posted by on April 9, 2013

Did not sleep well at all! As the man behind our room was saying Praise till 2am! And the windows had no curtains and the glass was knocking all night in the wind. And the door was loose too so had very little sleep. We were up at 6am Packed out bags and headed to No Mans Land. Was strange getting into our cars as they were empty! We had 456km to drive.

We didn’t have much fuel to make the trip. The first 2 petrol stations we passed were empty! But the 3rd and last one had some left!

The one and only road to No Mans Land had mines left and right of the road! They are left over from the war and one day they will demine the area. And it’s still under UN peace keeping.

We arrived at 11am and tried to book a coach for 2 pm to go back to Dakhla, but they said that the passport control is too busy for us to be out on time.

We went through 4 different checks with police and Military presence and this took 3 and a half hours! And loads of paper chasing.

We finally left The Sahara and were in No Mans Land to sell the cars. The first thing that hits you is the amount of burnt out abandoned cars and tyres! And people jumping out of nowhere, we had about 20 people from darkest Africa trying to grapple for our attention. One could speak good English and tried to get us to drive further down the road! but we did not feel comfortable to do this. After some hard bartering we quit and sold the cars quickly! As it was a bit like being in Somalia and Afghanistan!!!

We took our money and walked back to the boarder and tried to get back in to The Sahara. We thought getting out was hard, well getting back in was even harder! They turned around and said you can’t ┬ácome in without a visa! But we said we have a British passport and don’t need one. But they disagreed. There wanted to search us and our bags and interview us separately and was asking where have the cars gone? And where is the money?

This was Intimidating and we started to think what have we done! Whilst we were waiting you could see locals handing there passports in with money inside to try and get back in to The Sahara. As we are very English we felt we can’t do this so we talked our way through. Eventually we crossed the line and felt so happy but we missed the only bus back! We now had 446 km to walk, or get a ride some how so we found a cabbie who drove us back to Dakhla, within 30 mins to the journey most of us fell asleep with Relief.

When we got back to Dakhla we went to the bus depo and found out that we missed our bus to Agadir aswell! This was not goin good at all! We then decided to have some food as we have not eaten all day! We then tried to think of plan B. we found out that there is another bus station that might have a later bus. So we adventured to find this bus. We found one that left at 22:00 which was the night bus to Agadir then another one to Marrakech which is a 24hr bus! What fun! We had no choice so paid for 4 tickets and climbed aboard…













As you can see we were all so tired and whist on the bus we got stopped by the police and took us off the bus to give him our passport details. He said this will happen at every stop we thought GREAT! Everyone on the bus is goin to hate us! Luckily this only happened once more thank god.

One Response to Day 14 27/3/13 Dakhla to No Mans Land

  1. Di and Stephen

    WELL DONE EVERYONE – YOU DID GREAT! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us through your journal and photos.

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