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Day 14 – 3/2/15 – Sahara Desert to Dakhla

Posted by on February 3, 2015

Well an interesting night under canvas as Dave and Andrews tent had a Dung Beatle under the ground sheet which attempted to scratch its way through all night long….

So blearly eyed we make breakfast  and pack up to drive around a bit more, we found a watering hole for camels and an old watering hole with trees growing in it, quite a sight in a desert! then we stopped by the sea with a huge sand dune that we all climbed up, there was a shear drop at the back though!

We went for a little swim in the sea and then drove back to Dakhla, very thankful for a safe navigation through a massive unforgiving hot and windy Desert. Thanks Colin for an amazing experience.

the reduced gang IMG_2365 12pm IMG_2391 DAVE 2pm main road all up hill crocodile islandshear drop

One Response to Day 14 – 3/2/15 – Sahara Desert to Dakhla

  1. Carol

    Looks just like Fuerte x

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