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Day 15 – 4/2/15 – Dakhla to Mauritania

Posted by on February 4, 2015

Up early at 7am to re pack all the cars and collect a hitch hiker called Maud who is in Dakhla and wants a lift to Mauritania, its a 4 hr drive to the border crossing, on the way Dave gets a speeding fine, its 300 dirhams (£30) but we have no idea what the speed limits are over here…. so we just pay it and get back on our way, we arrive at the border and the queue to cross the northern part of the border into No Mans Land is just one car, so we think yes our lucks in, and we enter No Mans land in 45 mins, as we drive through this no rules, no law area we see lots of burned out cars and wrecks just abandoned by disheartened travellers who couldn’t get their cars across the border, we drive on and approach the southern part of the border into Mauritania which is a completely different story – total mayhem…. we are taken from one building to the next, to pay for this and that, check passports, check log books of cars, get a stamp for this, and a stamp for that, check insurance, prove yourself, what are you doing etc. etc.. at one point we thought we would not get access so we planned on camping at the border until they let us in … then after 6 hrs of bartering and frustration a man comes over and says OK you can go !  Yes……

We drive upto the police station at the edge of the border and get the stamps into our passports and head out into Mauritania finally, but notice that they have put the wrong cars in our passports (you need this to sell the cars)  oh well we will have to work that one out later… as its so late we are now stuck behind all the lories and we so we drive very slowly for an hour to the campsite that Maud works at but its now closed, so she calls them and they open up and let us stay in a bungalow and give us food, its now 10pm and we are exhausted – good night… 235 miles covered

IMG_2425 IMG_2424 IMG_2419 IMG_2418 IMG_2421

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