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Day 18 – 7/2/15 – Nouakchott to St Louis

Posted by on February 7, 2015

Phew Its so hot, about 35 degrees, we are sticky and smelly and exhausted with the constant red tape at all the borders, having to pay for this and pay for that each time we cross another border, and the time it takes to cross each border with no real organisation to any of it, its so frustrating … They don like dealing with tourists, they want a middle man and this always costs….

We were advised to avoid Rosso, as its chaos crossing the border at that point, but we somehow ended up there, as there are no signs anywhere to tell you where you are and where you are going, all the roads took us here despite our best efforts to avoid it, so we had goats and donkeys in the road stopping us from moving on and all the locals banging on the cars wanting things from us, so we were stuck in the middle of this chaos for 2 hours, but it is very beautiful here on the west coast of North Africa as we drive down from Nouakchott to St Louis, which is another small peninsular on the borders of Senegal, we saw Pelicans in the sea and a small ferry crossing… we have sand everywhere, in our cars, in our bags in our clothes, in our ears etc…

about 300 miles covered today.

IMG_2514 IMG_2518 IMG_2523 IMG_2533 IMG_2544 IMG_2548

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