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Day 19 – 8/2/15 – St Louis to Dakar

Posted by on February 8, 2015

We have decided to not head into Timbuktu, as the time it takes to cross each border has slowed us down so much, and we have been advised not to enter Mali, so we are now sticking to the west coast and heading south, not sure where we will finally end up, as it all depends on if and when we can cross the remaining borders and sell the cars to pay for our return flights home….

St Luis is a beautiful peninsular fishing village, with quiet seas on one side and raging seas on the other, we woke up this morning to see Pelicans on the quiet sea.

We had another frustrating days drive today, we left St Louis at 11am and we drove for 4 hours through lots of little villages, we were stopped by the police and fined 65,000 zafis which is about half of all the money we have left, apparently we did not stop at the stop signs and he chased us on a moped to catch us, we get no receipt again, and we feel like cash cows to the local police, if we didn’t pay him he would not let us drive on….. so we had no choice, overtime we stop in a village we get accosted by so many people it makes it hard for us to integrate with them.

We finally arrive in Dakar and see lots of nice cars, Mercs, Audis etc, and we think great this is more like it than the wrecks we have seen along the way, but once again we are stopped by the local police, they have a small shack and its absolute madness, they want our passports, and more money, we dont want to hand over our passports, so we talk to them and have tea with them to try and calm the situation down, it turns out they are fed up with Europeans dumping their cars on their land and abandoning them, we say we want to drive on to The Gambia, we dont want to dump our cars here, then the Chief of Police arrives, its now 11pm,  he escorts us into a taxi to a local hotel, we have to leave our cars at the check point…. we have packed everything that we need, we will see what tomorrow brings….  about 250 miles travelled today .


3 Responses to Day 19 – 8/2/15 – St Louis to Dakar

  1. COLIN


  2. Jemma Harvey

    How frustrating!! All part of the experience though ay and you’ve come so far! Keep smiling, thinking of you :) xxxx

  3. Anna Wanless

    Well done brave troopers, for getting this far and for putting up with all that awful frustration. I hope the next couple of days will give you some respite xxx

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