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Day 20 – 9/2/15 – Dakar to The Gambia

Posted by on February 9, 2015

So the Hotel was infested with mosquitos – great ! we had a really rough night as you can imagine, In the morning the chief of police comes and gets us at 07.30 and after more talks he now believes that we are intending to drive right through Senegal to The Gambia and not dump our cars in his country, but we need an escort all the way through Senegal to the border crossing, he makes a few phone calls and says I will come with you ! So we head off to collect our cars and then drive right through Senegal to The Gambian border with the Chief of Police as our Escort – how mad is this !

It turns out he is a really nice man and his english is quite good too, He was badly injured in the army and was flown to Britain for specialist treatment and to recoup and he says he is not going to charge is an escort fee or any border crossing fees because of this, so we have a pleasant drive right through Senegal he sees us through all the border crossings by talking to the local police and we drive off road as the roads are so bad – he says we are very good drivers as we drive like Africans, and he likes our cars very much, he would like to buy the cars but doesn’t have the money, we finally arrive at the border where he fill sin all the paperwork for us and no money is exchanged and we are now free to cross the Gambian River to the south side and find a camp site for the night, phew, its such a relief to leave such hostile countries like Mauri and Senegal behind, with the exception of him, now we are in The Gambia and the temperature has reached 35 degrees during the day and drops to 10 degrees at night – so now we have 2 days to find a charity to give the cars too as the law has changed and we can’t sell them here either, but we have been told that the Rotary Club is a good one to donate too as they help a lot of small charities within the local community, so thats tomorrows task.

about 300 miles driven today

IMG_2573 IMG_2576



IMG_2600 IMG_2601

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