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Day 6 – 19/3/13 Chefchaouen (NE Morocco) – we have no idea whats in store for us….

Posted by on March 19, 2013

The hotel was ever so noisy music till 3:30 am and we can’t get over how damp the room was. We all had to share a room with 4 beds! This morning we are still tired and our dry clothes are damp too! What an experience aye. We are leaving this hotel and going to head further south. Apparently, there’s a group over here now, so we might try and contact them and meet up.



We headed to Taza further south. We decided to take a short cut and went up and over the mountains. The roads were – well didn’t really exist, ┬áthe pot holes were un real! You think London is bad!







We then found a coast road. That went on for a while and we needed to turn off but we couldn’t find the turning so we took a dirt road




It got later and later! A lorry came very close to us round the bends in the mountains and we got over taken by a coach! Let alone the taxis! They fly past us but thay know where every dip and pot hole and bend is. And where the road disappears!

After a long day from going too high and being in the clouds at 1762 meters above sea level. Not seeing where we are going and driving thru lots of rain, then sunshine and no roads and most signs in Arabic, and in the pitch black trying to find somewhere to stay for the night. We were all exhausted. A very adventurous day it was.

One Response to Day 6 – 19/3/13 Chefchaouen (NE Morocco) – we have no idea whats in store for us….

  1. Nanny Carol / Mum

    Looks like the challenge is getting tougher and the weather hasn’t helped. Glad you found somewhere to sleep in the end.
    Look forward to hearing about your antics and hope you are enjoying the challenge.

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