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Day 8 – 21/3/13 – somewhere between Gourrama and Beni Tajite

Posted by on March 22, 2013

When they get WiFi connection I am sure they will update us with more photos and blog – just wanted to post a quick update that they are all safe and well and heading down through the Atlas Mountains towards the South of Morocco – Jane




All started of well till we pulled up at a petrol station and meet the other lot of guys. We were so happy to meet each other some how the guy at the station filled up dads subaru with diesel! Right to the top! (its a petrol car)

Luckily there was a pit so we worked out how to drain the tank with a load of kids and guys around us!  Was very interesting as we were all on edge incase something happened!
By the time we were done it was very dark and the other guys sent us a GPS Coordinates and between us all we found them camped up in the middle of no where




3 Responses to Day 8 – 21/3/13 – somewhere between Gourrama and Beni Tajite

  1. Jane Fowler

    Great to hear from you all again – it brings it home how remote you are to not have access to a connection anywhere….

    At least you are resourceful to fix any mishaps and repairs etc… love you all and look after each other xxx

  2. Mum & Dad

    So good to hear from you again, are you having to drain the diesel and refil with petrol? Hope it doesn’t delay you.
    The weather is better there than here. Love to all, stay safe xxxx

  3. Mum & Dad

    Great to hear from you again, I take it the natives did well out of the diesel. Take it the car is running ok now.
    Drive safe and love to all xx

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